Chastity Belt

Riotgaze TÜLIPS brings Doom & Bloom to Non Plus Ultra

Some bands throw down their debut album a year into formation. Others go at it a little longer. For best friends Taleen Kali and Angie Bloom of TÜLIPS, it's been a four-year wait, but well worth it. 

The dual guitarists/vocalists come from completely different musical backgrounds: Taleen's the "Doom", all about dirtbox growl and migraine-inducing feedback, while Angie's the "Bloom", slick with 50's jangle and doo-wop spirit. They're an unlikely pair, but continual back-and-forths with mixtapes have drawn these polar opposites together. And when glued down with drummer Travis Moore and bassist Miles Faster, TÜLIPS keep it classy, leaving local crowds reeling from tinnitus in pools of sweat. Don't believe me? Just ask the bands that shared their bills, like LA FONT and Bür Gür.

Doom & Bloom releases Friday the 13th from Lollipop Records. TÜLIPS' album release party will also include sets from Terminal A and BomBón, with a DJ set from L.A. Girlfriend. Listen to "Hotspur" below. - Ryan Mo, flyer art: Maritza Torres, Typeset: AJ Horton


Julia Shapiro's Slammin' Seattle Mixtape

Seattle's cool-punk sage Julia Shapiro has put together an awesome mix-tape of some of Seattle's finest pre-post-garage-fi-no-drone-outside-wavers. Listen closely and you might hear some of Chastity Belt's subliminal influences shine through; from So Pitted's grimy 'Cure' infection, to TacocaT's fuzzy cat-call sarcasm. Or maybe don't think about it too much and just kick out these jams and have a real cool Monday.

Hippy Shit - Pony Time

Hurt (Closer to P edit) - Punishment

Tell Me - S

I want To Believe - Lisa Prank

Hey Girl - TacocaT

Couches - Wimps

Deep Throat - Stickers

The Sickness - So Pitted

Sequins - VATS

Ghoul - Dude York

Seattle Bands from juliamshapiro on 8tracks Radio.


Chastity Belt Playing Chop Suey Next Tuesday

Photo Source: Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt are going to play the venue Chop Suey a week from today on Tuesday, July 17th. The Space Needles and REDBOOK are booked to perform as well.

Originially hailing from Walla Walla, WA - (like the previously spotlighted group Dude York) - this foursome dig on some punk and rock 'n roll mojo. Despite their claim that "Chastity Belt is the worst band to ever exist," the group's EP effort Fuck Chastity Belt immediately undermines that statement with charm and musicality.

Opening track "God Damn" begins with Julia Shapiro (guitarist/vocalist) shouting those words with conviction before the instruments jump in. Pay attention as the song peels into a new section where the line "He's gold" is repeated; it maintains a great, captivating melody throughout.

Lyrically, the thematic center(s) to their material seem to be sex and violence - but these motifs come off as intriguing and sincere, soaked in their fusion of pop melodies, grainy riffs and off-kilter drums. Listen to "A Bloody Spiral of Unyielding Fury" to get an idea of what these girls are capable of.

Fuck Chasity Belt came out in May of this year and features four songs in total. Stream the leading track "God Damn" below. You can follow the link to their bandcamp to hear and download the whole thing. Make sure to check them out live at Chop Suey on the 17th of July. The show is 100% free!

- Cameron LaFlam