Briana Layon

A Rock'n'Roll New Year's Eve in NYC at the Grand Victory with The Nuclears, Briana Layon, The Every Others + more

Even if you are not into listening to rock'n'roll on a daily basis, it's hard to deny that - at least in a live setting - it's still the best party music of'em all. Well, if on New Year's Eve your goal is to party hard, then we recommend you look into the Grand Victory's December 31 show, because it promises to be a ton of fun, thanks to an all local lineup or rock'n'rollers. Headlined by Bushwick's surf/punk/rock machines The Nuclears (a band propelled by the drums of The Deli's distribution coordinator Kevin Blatchford) and by Briana Layon and the Boys' heavy blues (and sexy moves), the bill will also feature the return of NYC's The Everyothers, a band we interviewed back in 2008 and we thought had disbanded forever. Opening acts include Pale Moon Gang and The Flies. Be there, and rock until you drop! Check out tracks by The Nuclears and Briana Layon & the Boys (also pictured) below.