The Baker Family

Young Tongue (formerly The Baker Family) make fresh imprint with "Cat Calls"

It isn't easy for a band to change monikers without facing the risk of losing any, if not all buzz their previous handle may have generated.  Not so, for indie pop group Young Tongue, formally The Baker Family. With the release of a digital EP "Cat Calls" the group seems to have made a solid push for relevance to an audience that may have previously dismissed them as yet another Americana family band, to which they couldn't be further from.  They are expected to release a full length LP this summer but for now we'll have to settle for the 4 track EP, full of rich percussion and dreamy omnichord backdrops. Saturday at Red 7, Young Tongue opens for UME and Megafauna. - Andy Bianculli 



Borrisokane & Oscillations Records Aim to Make Your Scene Dreams Come True

Austin electro-pop group, Borrisokane, is in the process of curating a project that hopes to bring together our local music scene in an ambitious and, frankly, really darn cool way. They’re calling it the Versus Project: six Texas bands will cover a Borrisokane song and in addition contribute something new of their own. Borrisokane will return in kind, rounding out the total to 24 songs, with 12 covers and 6 new tracks from the host band. Look forward to tracks from MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR, Knifight, Yum, Pageantry, Young Tongue (formerly The Baker Family) and Home by Hovercraft.

The whole package will be split onto six disks and put into a lovely box-set with artwork from Shawn Magill. There’s a Kickstarter set up, and you have until early March to help it happen. If the campaign is successful, the full project will be released on Earth Day, April 22nd, through the homegrown Oscillation Records. Too much good music is being promised for us to let this go by the way-side! And now, for a taste of what’s (hopefully) to come; check out Borrisokane’s “Sinking Catalina” covered by Young Tongue (The Baker Family) below!  --Written by Marie Meyers


Attendance Records Album Release Party and Benefit, 8/8/13 @ Mohawk

Keeping the arts alive in our public schools one collaborative album at a time, Attendance Records connects students and teachers with local artists, writers, and musicians. At the end of the program the 9th and 10th grade students have their poems, short stories, artwork, and lyrics published in an installation or recorded by a local band and pressed onto vinyl. This year they worked with local bands, Marmalakes and Belaire, to produce the album which they'll be debuting tomorrow night at Mohawk! 

Come out and support arts education. Loaded with sponsors and tons of awesome local bands, all you have to do is show up and enjoy the event to help keep music alive in our public schools. Doors open at 7:00pm. $5 for the 21+ crowd and $7 for minors to get in. All ages welcome! --Written by Charise Sowells


More Free Week Fun - Frank and TXMC

Frank has not been backwards about joining the Free Week fun, and have joined forces with Vivogig (The live-music-photo-sharing app + website) and Whitesiren to bring some of the finest free shows this side of 6th street.  

Tonight they've got Mobley, The Shears, Les Rav, and Ashleigh Stone on tap.

Tomorrow night Whitman, STEREO IS A LIE, The Baker Family, and Antiques will be bringing the free rock.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Texas Metal Collective have put together a killer metal show at Beauty Ballroom:  Prey For SleepBeyond Gods and EmpiresBrink of DisasterDSGNS, and Uglytwin are gearing up to melt the face.

Oh, and did we mention that these are free? 





Introducing: The Baker Family

As if in an attempt to mirror the eclectic and ever changing Austin music scene, The Baker Family is hard to pin down in any single genre. At the offset you’d think they’re a Liars influenced dance punk band, but on their recordings the band jumps genre from track to track. Haunting folk music with intelligent electronic touches gives way to visceral bass and keg drum beating tracks. They’re hard to put in a category, which is one of the many reasons The Baker Family is one of the greatest additions to Austin. The band is wonderfully misleading even in their lyrics. A song which at one moment might be heartwarming will turn horrifying at the drop of a hat.

We haven’t even begun to touch on their live performances which are, frankly, incandescent. Their dance punk style is executed perfectly. Each member is a pure joy to watch perform. Too often indie bands don’t convey any sense of energy or, when they try to convey it, they do so by jumping around. But by this very action they seem to force the energy and come across as insincere. The Baker Family may be the epitome of the untrustworthy narrator, but you will get nothing but an honest and enthralling experience from seeing them live. - Taylor Browne