Annie Girl & the Flight

SF Bay Area Best of 2015 Readers' Poll Results! 1. Heartwatch, 2. Annie Girl and the Flight 3. Emily Afton 4. Lost Dog Found

The Deli Magazine Reader's Poll Results are completed! Congratulations to the winners, especially the amazing Heartwatch who came in first, stealing the hearts of The Deli Mag Bay Area Readers! We wish all the bands the best of luck in their endeavors!


Annie Girl and the Flight

Emily Afton

Lost Dog Found

And a huge shout out to our honorable mentions!

Kendra McKinley
Keyan Keihani
Night Shapes
Debbie Neigher
The Soft White Sixties

You can see all the nominated artists organized by genre here:


The Deli's Staff



O Annie Girl & the Flight and Balms Play Rickshaw Stop TONIGHT

A great local line up has been put together for tonight's show at Rickshaw Stop. O (formally known as Black Cobra Vipers) will be headlining the show with critically acclaimed local bands, Annie Girl & the Flight and Balms. These bands are a few of the cream of crop in the Bay Area music scene. We're excited to highlight this show because we've been listening to and watching these bands grow for some time.