Abe Vigoda

Michael Vidal performs at Amoeba Hollywood free tonight

DIY singer/looping-guitarist Michael Vidal, formerly of Abe Vigoda, will perform at the famous Amoeba Records in Hollywood tonight for free. The occasion: his Dream Center EP, originally released as a cassette in 2013 via Big Joy Records, got a refresher after joining Couple Skate Records earlier this month.

In his recent Amoeba interview with Crystales' guitarist Billy Gil, Vidal talked about the re-release of Dream Center EP on Couple Skate Records, his growth in songwriting, guitarplaying influences, and his upcoming record which will be produced by fellow drummer Michael Tabor, and touted to be his "best material yet."

We'll eagerly await more news of that. In the mean time, you can stream Dream Center on Spotify and find it in select record stores or online at Couple Skate Records. Catch Michael at Amoeba Hollywood at 6 PM! - Ryan Mo


Michael Vidal announces new album, shares new video

Couple Skate announced that they will be releasing the debut LP, Dream Center, from Michael Vidal on June 9th. Michael Vidal was previously part of punk shapeshifters Abe Vigoda, and by the sounds of his first single "Dreams (Come Back to Me), it seems to carry over the lush synths and pristine guitar work of their pre-demise album Crush. Vidal also released a rather curious video for the single, which you can watch below.

You can catch Vidal with Girl Pool and Stephen Stephen Steinbrink at Eagle Rock Center on June 1st.