Shadow Year

Shadow Year’s “Godspeed” is grounded under pressure, plays Trans Pecos 1.23

Godspeed, the latest offering by NYC indie quartet Shadow Year, is an ode to the fast-changing nature of city living, a collection of vignettes expressed through synth and guitar-centric indie, backed by instrumentation that encapsulates an energy chaotic and wistful. Whether the band is recounting seeing your crush while waiting for the J Train on opener “For The Weekend,” or longing for the unattainable on the release’s title track, the EP is bound together by the quotidian, universal struggles of living in New York, underscored by a swelling, occasionally discordant playing. A healthy dose of contemporary punk, slacker, and post-rock, Godspeed’s sound is expressive and raw, yet never unhinged, a collection of tunes for anyone who’s keeping it together under pressure (which is, to say, most of us). Listen below, and see Shadow Year at Trans Pecos tonight, January 23rd. —Connor Beckett McInerney


Indie rockers Shadow Year debut new single, prepare for U.S. tour

Shadow Year's latest single "PDA" (streaming) is smooth, thorny, and drips with something dank—the artwork for the single is right on the money. Led by its warm sounding bassline and sharp guitar riffs that contort without notice, the composition moves along with steadfast loyalty to indie rock. The group fits in perfectly into the post-punk inspired indie that young groups like Priests and The Coathangers are driving forward: they keep it interesting with messages that ask you to open up your mind. "People so addicted to the water underneath/Drip by drip/Covering," is repeated several times in the song, evoking the single's artwork once again. What the water signifies is wholly left to the imagination; it could be politics, toxic relationships, or drugs, to name a few things - the band seems happy to let you fill in the blanks. Shadow is preparing for a fourteen-stop tour of the country that will start 06.01 in Washington D.C. - Rene Cobar