Semiratruth & JWords "loading​.​.​."

Semiratruth has partnered with produced JWords to create a new EP called "loading...".

The talented emcee and vocalist also recently appeared on a new single, "Repossess" from the South Carolina based artist Contour.


Semiratruth "Modulated Fly On Da Wall"

Emcee Semiratruth has released the first single, "Modulated Fly On Da Wall", from her forthcoming album.

This track features a beat from Tony Bontana that she added her own modulation and a beat of her own at the end of the track.


Semiratruth "Mira"

Semiratruth has released a new album called Mira. This project features production from Morgan (aka Morgan Varnado) and Semiratruth delving deeper into world of experimental Hip Hop.