Hitter "Hard Enough"

Garage Metal group Hitter recently released their debut full-length album, Hard Enough. This is the culmination of two years of work and collection of gritty barroom anthems turned up to 11.

This is the work of Hanna "Hazard" Johnson (Vocals), Adam "Lucky" Luksetich (Guitar/Bass), and Ryan "Wizkid" Wizniak (Drums). This is the band's last release with Madalyn "Maddog" Garcia on Bass and have recently added Patrick "Rüsty" Woodall.

The album's lead single is called "Motorcycle Psycho" and is accompanied by the amazing visuals below.


HITTER/Midnight Dice Split EP

HITTER has released their half of a new split 7" with fellow local rockers Midnight Dice, "29 Levi Slim".

The Midnight Dice side of the album is a track called "Precious Metal", and vinyl release of this 7" is set to be released this summer via German label Underground Power Records.

HITTER was scheduled to perform on April 26th at Empty Bottle, but that show is clearly not going to happen. However, there is a little more hope for their May 30th date at Reggie's with Acid Witch, HenryxChinaski, and Dead Sacraments.



Hitter is a supergroup of DIY Chicago’s Garage Punk featuring Hanna "Hazard" Johnson (Vocals) and Madalyn "Maddog" Garcia (Bass) of Lil Tits with Ryan "Wizkid" Wizniak (Drums) of Meat Wave and Adam "Lucky" Luksetich (Guitar) of Foul Tip.

Hitter released collection of demos digitally and on cassette last week and it is filled with raw, dirty, gritty rock.