Submit your band to Our Wicked Lady's Winter Madness 2020

Yes, yes, we're all very well aware that "industry plants," clout chasing, successful exploitation of Spotify's recommended artists algorithm and just being good and online will likely be greater determinants of a band's success in 2020 (as they were in 2019 and 2018 and so on), but there's something classic about a good, old fashioned battle of the bands, the closest thing resembling a bloodsport in the New York music scene. This dynamic is why you should attend, support, or (if you're a musician) submit to Our Wicked Lady's forthcoming b.o.t.b., Winter Madness 2020. Over the course of each Friday and Saturday in February, 16 bands will duke it out, competing for a top prize of $5,000, a ten hour recording session at Hive Mind, and a performance spot at Our Wicked Lady's unofficial SXSW showcase. High stakes and local music make this a must-attend event — check the details here if you're planning on going, badger your friends in bands to submit their music before the December 25th deadline, and keep an eye out for the lineup's announcement on January 2nd.