Negative Gemini brings brooding electronica to Mercury Lounge 04.06

The music of Negative Gemini (real name Lindsey French) feels spring-loaded - full of tension and liable to blow at any moment. At a cursory listen, the instrumentation on Negative Gemini's most recent EP, Bad Baby, is smooth, and almost mellow. However, factor in her velvety-yet-seething vocals, and the color of her music takes on a whole different shade. It's dark, it's staticky, it's at times dissonant and it's always urgent. Dread seems to hover over many of French's songs - a vague sense of impending doom - or it may just be the spectre of depression lurking in the corner. Ultimately, it's up to the listener to interpret the feelings encapsulated in French's music, and they're plenty. Negative Gemini is playing at Mercury Lounge on April 6th, with CIFKA, Ani Klang, FEE LION and Wild Kid. Listen to "My Innocence" below! - Ethan Ames