The Deli's CMJ Music Marathon Runner #1: Jack

Hey everyone, I'm Jack. I'm a liberal arts undergrad living in the Bronx right now. Like the cliche, I listen to just about every genre depending on what mood I am, if I'm alone or with friends, if I'm under the influence, etc. Since I am a college student, I'd say the genre that I listen to the most is, for a lack of a better term, "college rock," stuff like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., or newer stuff like Mac DeMarco. But as I said before, I'm always up for hearing new/different music.

Please submit your band for CMJ coverage consideration through the comment section below, looking forward to listening to your music!

I'll be accepting submission for the following genres only:

Indie Pop
Punk Rock
Psych Rock
Hip Hop + Funk + Other
Singer Songwriters

Jack McGovern