Unknown Mortal Orchestra Play a Hometown Show at Aladdin Theater 4.5.13

Unknown Mortal Orchestra isn't so unknown anymore. Ruban Nielson came to Portland from New Zealand and anonymously formed tracks that sauntered upon our ears with an avant-garde 60's psychedelia and quiet, heartening vocals. He made it a trio with "dance-fuckin-dance" fast bass from Jake Portrait and have now settled with new drummer Riley Geare (The Tomorrow People, Radiation City) to tour new album aptly named II. Called UMO by those familiar, (or because it's easier to say when you have had a few) they have been galavanting between cities, including  SXSW and a spot on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The new album is an extension from the first self titled release. Songs like "Monki" are still heavy on the low-fi, and Ruban still manipulates billowing wah's and waves from his guitar a-la "Nerve Damage". There is swagger and shuffling up-tempo, but also entrancing, dimly lit paths to explore. See them at their home show before they hit the road again - with Wampire. - Brandy Crowe