Album Review: Slowness - For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full + SF Vinyl Release Party 3/10

Two years after the release of their debut EP, San Franciscan band Slowness returns with their first full-length LP, the alluring and addicting For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full. Singer Geoffrey Scott, bassist Julie Lynn, and drummer Scott Putnam deliver eight hypnotic drone pop-shoegaze tracks set to a dreamy atmosphere and succinct lyrics that trigger pleasant familiarity. The album, although brief, doesn’t lessen the impression that you’ve floated away into aural ecstasy. The optimistic “Day For Night” starts off with an upbeat, infectious beat that leads to an intense outro, before mellowing-out in “The Glass.” Anti-political undertones are heard in the catchy anthem “Energy” and the entrancing, melancholic “Calm & Dispel.” The sluggish “Repeater” channels a lethargic vibe that paves the way for a gradual, two-minute long airy outro, contrasting the upbeat intensity of “Wired.” The journey ends with the visionary invitation to “Race To Mars” and the beautifully moody “Walls of Blue.”

With a polished sound that breeds intimacy and nods to many great 80’s bands, Slowness proves that their realm is one to get lost into… rapidly. -Natacha Pavlov


You can can also attand Slowness' Vinyl Release Cocktail Party tomorrow at Bar 821. Find details and RSVP here.