Foxygen - now a LA band - wins Best of 2012 Poll for Emerging NYC Artists

Those bloody brilliant Brooklyn betrayers did it again. Foxygen charmed our jury of NYC "scene experts" and writers and went on to win The Deli's Best of 2012 Poll for Emerging NYC Artists. Congrats guys!

But, why "betrayers"? I'm glad you asked! Not only have Foxygen moved to LA (of all places) basically the day after they landed on the cover of our CMJ issue (had that happened one day earlier, they would have been ineligible since our publication is reserved for NYC based artists)... but they even dared to sing these words in a track from their latest album: "There's no need to be an asshole/You're not in Brooklyn anymore" – Well, not sure where you were when you wrote those lyrics, Sam, but it seems like if you really try your best you can be an ass wherever you are...

Admittedly, though, we have to agree about one thing: during CMJ we had more than one report that the guys were, ahem, (see above picture) - but you know... what could be better than being under 25 and getting the feeling you’re about to become famous? We were all there at some point, right? We shall forgive them, since they are about to realize what it truly means to be an indie musician...

But as far as LosAngelinos inspiring better behavior than New Yorkers - I'm sorry dudes, you got that one mixed up. We'll let none other than The Reader's Digest prove you wrong.

What cannot be disputed, though, is this duo's crazy talent. We sang their praises many times already - well before most of the current media freak out. You can find all of our Foxygen coverage here, including this early interview.

P.S. One of the prizes for the winner of the NYC Year End Poll is the cover of the Spring issue of The Deli, but since Foxygen was already featured on a Deli cover in the past, the Spring cover will be assigned to the band placing second.