Psychedelic garage-rock band CreaturoS working on new release

On October 30th, CreaturoS (Cambridge, MA) released their debut SWAMPP THINGG, available on cassette by DIY label pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS. This release will hit a magnificent distorted note for fans of JEFF the Brotherhood and Colleen Green. Garage psych-rock that leaves you want for nothing, this is spliff music at its finest. One of the consistent factors on the album is the vocals which sound like they were recorded through an air circulation vent. I don’t know if it was the bathroom they recorded it in, but “Three Times” is one of the album standouts, with a true psych sound that could’ve come directly out of the mid-60s with a sitar-sounding melody and fuzzy percussion. Get psyched, according to their blog they’re in the studio this month working on a new release.