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<p>Listening to Genders debut EP is like taking a summer road trip with a group of close friends. The three tracks evoke feelings of anticipation, excitement and a spirit of transience that weaves the psychedelic-tinged indie pop arrangements together into an ambitious and lively release. The opening guitar on &ldquo;Golden State&rdquo; captivates within only a few measures, and once the warm bass tones and concentrated drum rhythms join in the song has set the course for which the rest of the EP follows flawlessly. The vocals and lyricism are both endearing and moving throughout and bring to mind a forgotten nostalgia for the simplicity and uncomplicated emotion that comes from a genuine experience. At the albums halfway point the cascading instruments fall into the background and you hear the wavering vocals ask, &ldquo;Would you cross the red sea of my eyes to me?&rdquo;, communicating a desire for connection which the instruments satisfy almost immediately with a powerful crescendo that builds into the end of the track. The release comes to an abrupt and emotional conclusion with &ldquo;Twin Peaks&rdquo;, a track that leaves the listener hanging and hoping for more. Genders have created an EP that can inject light and warmth into the long winter ahead. Here&rsquo;s hoping for a full length by next summer. <em>&ndash; Benjamin Toledo</em><span>&nbsp;</span></p>