Still Caves' first EP + show at Valentines (31.7)

Featuring mastered versions of their two Basement Hits released a year ago alongside three new tracks, Still Caves' first EP adds a cold, heavy, gritty touch to some of that lo-fi psychedelic stoner-garage-punk à la Black Lips. Most of the lyrics are blurred-out by the consistent heavy reverberation, ergo most of the songs are easily integrated: a simple melody, racing rhythm of a cavalcade, linear structure and some catchy vocal hooks.. some may be remembered as mere sequences of vowels, but hey, that's good enough to join in with live crowd chants if needed, it's even easier. Static Lips is already available to stream and download via Still Caves' bandcamp page, and will be released on cassette tape next Wednesday, August 1st after a show at Valentine's (7.31) with Orca Team (back from their summer US tour) and Surfs Drugs. Tracy Mamoun