The Blank Tapes Return with "I'm Back"

We know what you’re thinking: New music without a synthesizer? Absurd! The Blank Tapes, a San Francisco/Los Angeles band, proves that old school rock is never out-of-date. Singer-songwriter and The Blank Tapes’ frontman, Matt Adams, has produced nine albums across the country, though he currently resides in San Francisco.

Think The Black Keys or Guided By Voices, but a little more psychedelic. Adams's nostalgic voice overlapped with a modern-sixties-like San Francisco sound will transcend you to familiarity though you may never have heard it before. Ever wonder what to play for the 8-hour drive along the scenic Hwy 1? Well this band should be added to that playlist.

Be sure to check out The Blank Tapes’ new album, I’m Back, out July 17 in advance of its live show at Amnesia in San Francisco on July 20. 

--Leah Roh